Aligned Birth

Ep 100: Celebrating our 100th Episode

April 26, 2023 Dr. Shannon and Doula Rachael Episode 100
Aligned Birth
Ep 100: Celebrating our 100th Episode
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Welcome to the 100th episode of the Aligned Birth Podcast, and thanks for the 10,000+ folks who have downloaded and listened to us!!  We are beyond grateful, happy, excited (all the feels) about how this podcast has developed.  

Doula Rachael and Dr. Shannon sit down and chat to share some of the behind the scenes of creating the episodes - from generating topic ideas, to reaching out to guests, to google share drives and excel files, to the time, energy, effort, and monetary investment we put in - it’s a lot, but we love it so much.  

We also want to share some updates including upcoming episodes, how to join the Aligned Birth Community, and how to contribute to our movement through direct listener support.

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Unknown 0:02

Hello, friends, you are listening to the aligned Firth podcast. You've got both hosts here today. Do the Rachel and today is super fun, really exciting topic because we're talking about the podcast because the podcast is now having their 100th episode. We've done 100 episodes. Oh my gosh. How did that happen? How did that happen? And we're coming up on the two year you know birthday anniversary I believe because I think we started around in May we're recording this Yeah. So I need to do it from here it's you know, this isn't you know, April March ish. So 100 episodes, and that's what we want to talk about today. Is that 100 episodes we are quickly approaching. We're speaking into existence, 10,000 downloads 10,000 downloads and we wanted to talk about how the show has evolved and developed and a little bit of behind the scenes how we do what we do because it does take a bit of work and we've fine tuned it and we work really well together and our team is great. Rachel nine our team, but it does take a little bit so we want to talk about all the work that goes into it, but also where we see the podcast going and what we have coming up. So you definitely wanna listen because we've got some really exciting things coming up for you guys. So hello, and welcome to the 100th episode. of theory.

Unknown 1:45

Yay, what's crazy? We'll leave it 100 episodes 10,000 downloads, like come on. I really I had you told me and I've said this before. I mean, it's a constant, you know, pinch me moment. And that when we started or even before we started that this is what two years later we would be still doing and having success and and having growth in and enjoying it. It is something that it's a it's a bright spot in my week and in the work that I'm doing, and I really am so excited and stoked to be sharing about you know more about the podcast because I think it's interesting and I think there's it's fun to share behind the scenes and real talk about what we're doing and how we got here and what's next.

Unknown 2:36

Because we didn't really have like when we started it our goal was to literally I think be consistent with it. I think that was one of our things, no matter what, you know, yeah, listen to some of the feedback, but we wanted to be consistent with the topics and the birth talk and everything that we're doing and showing up you know, and so that's half the battle, but I think we don't we didn't really have like, I would like to have 250 downloads by this week, like we had absolutely no clue. So the only thing that we followed, I think

Unknown 3:04

it was the thing that made us able like not having the like a monetary goal or a downloads goal. I think that helped us because our primary goal was what you said, just to be consistent. That was some advice that came up like when you start out like you're not going to have 1000s of downloads or followers or you know, so in order to get there you just got to be consistent and keep going forward and talk about the things you want to talk about. We very much you and I get together like what do you want to talk about and go from there? Like it's been very organic, I think and it's and it's that's what makes the conversations flow. That's what I think when people listen and give us positive feedback. I think it's for that reason but the consistency once a week, every week for almost two years and is coming out from we put out a podcast and that's, I'm proud of us. I'm proud of it. I have to and you

Unknown 4:05

know Buzzsprout so that's where we host our that's our website, what hosts the podcast platform.

Unknown 4:13

They have like little awards that they'll give out, you know, and so I follow along with those because they'll be like, yeah, you've done 20 episodes, you know, and you get like a little before and yeah, you've had 50 downloads. So you kind of watch that as it goes and then we're quickly approaching Yeah, the 2000 downloads that's the last of word makes. Maybe Maybe it increases once you get to

Unknown 4:36

that point. And I think they acknowledge to when you've gone on beyond a year or you've gone on beyond a certain number of episodes. It's like okay, you've now gone into a smaller percentage a lot of people lots of people start podcasts. And a lot of people like small businesses, right? Like don't keep going or for a number of reasons. Don't continue doing it and fall out. So like knowing that we've kind of passed that threshold and then we're reaching the point of like, we're in like a smaller percentage. of people doing this podcast thing

Unknown 5:07

By now. for a second. I love it. love it, love it. So yeah, that's a little bit of like where we started and again to the why, you know, behind it is Rachel I just love talking about birth and we love supporting the community I mean that's where it really comes down to it and just using our.

Unknown 5:36

Definitely do as far as the doula work that you do chiropractic work, the idea of just spreading that knowledge. I got a message from someone the other day, they're like, Oh, I just listened to this. They're the chiropractor. I just listened to this episode. I'm looking to start a clinic and someplace. What kind of resources do you set and I was like,

Unknown 5:56

Okay, here we go. You're being looked to for that question or expertise? Well, I feel like what I enjoy is that it's a mix of us talking about birth and motherhood and parenting and pregnancy, and taking care of ourselves as well as bringing in other birth professionals who are ancillary who serve also serves for pregnancy and birth and postpartum and beyond. And giving those like all different kinds of perspectives. So it's not always just us it's sometimes just as sometimes it's just me sometimes it's just you and interview. So I really liked the breadth of what we're doing and highlighting other birth professionals who are helping people along their journey as well and just different perspectives and different insight in different knowledge. I mean, because I get I get excited because I'm on the interviews most of the time, that they're listening to them. I'm always like, strong head nodding and like yeah, you know, I love learning from you and from them. And so, yeah, learning

Unknown 6:58

I learned so much from doing this.

Unknown 7:01

Yeah, that's why I like you

Unknown 7:03

and from the interviews everything. Yeah. And that was

Unknown 7:04

part of your original vision. Like was like You're like I really want to have conversations with other professionals like in birthday, especially surrounding like chiropractic care and pregnancy and birth and stuff and, and so it's that plus more. And that's what I love is that it's taken taken on its own life. And I mean, let's see, I mean, I've had, where potential clients that were looking to hire us as a doula had been like, I've been like, so if you have any more questions about our services, and they're like, No, I've listened to all of the episodes on your podcast. I'm good. I know I'm hiring you. I die. I fall out. Yeah, I'm like, wicked or or current clients or post clients who are like, I'm still listening. I love your podcast, you know, I mean, it feels silly saying it, but it's the tiny thing but that acknowledgement that reassurance and I saw a dear friend last night, who's like a friend of mine before like the podcast, and but then she's had two babies since and she was like, when I was pregnant. I listened to your podcast, and I'm like, stop it. Like, that's, it's working. It's reaching, it's working. And then other birth professionals who are I think we had a doula who was on the podcast, who was like, I've gotten clients because they listened to me on your podcast, and like, that means it's resonating and other broad professionals who are like, you know, given us a little clap for what we're doing and that just makes me makes me feel like we're doing the right thing and, and, you know, just keep chugging along. keep chugging

Unknown 8:36

along. I know. So some of the behind the scenes for us, too, is, you know, we're sitting down to record now, and in all honesty, this is probably not the 100th episode, where we've already recorded at least 100 It's just get the release to come out this will be released is that because we have quite a few good good for us now kind of the back quite a few in the in the bank for that episode because we've asked because we batch reports so we do we have learned like we need a bigger time block to fit for in rather than spreading it out throughout the month and trying to do like three or four days of like an hour here an hour there. Instead, we really try to get that big chunk of time, which can be difficult. But we've got we found that flow, you know, because I think the podcast does so well. And we've been so consistent and I say this to I have quite a few patients that have wanted to start podcasts as well too, for whatever field of work that they're in. And one of my things is yes, it's it's I think it's fun to have one but it's it can be it can be overwhelming if it's just you. And I know I love the fact that we have that teamwork. So now it's almost like you do all the things in one week posting uploading all that and then I take a break and then I come in and do it and we piggyback but then it's also the ideas because most of the time most of my messages to Rachel are I have no I have no idea. I don't know what we're going to talk about. I have that thing. Rachel comes in. He's like, all right. We do we're gonna be fun. So it's kind of I need to I need

Unknown 10:09

to come in because if you're just by yourself and say oh me like it's harder to be motivated. Like I think we keep each other accountable like knowing that like you do it a week I do it like it makes me feel proud and happy to be doing it the week I'm doing it knowing that it's not just me week after week, and like that we share the load because it is a lot. And like we're sharing the admins that are sharing the brainstorming ideas and like if I'm having a hard time you pick up and if you're having a hard time I pick up and we're able to just like fill in the gaps, thereby sharing the load. So definitely, obviously I'm going to do a partnership. I'm in a podcast partnership. I'm a big fan of partnering with women who are like you know you're aligned with and who empower you and who support you and to help move everything forward. Yeah, I mean, I think that's really, really beautiful. And I'm so thankful that we decided to do it together because I know without a shadow of a doubt that if I had tried it by myself, I would not. I wouldn't be where we're at right now. Yeah. Definitely. So some of our approach is respecting we have a we put a high value on personal time, family time. We both have other jobs outside of this. And so we recognize that we don't want to be burdened every week. So doing the batch recording on a bigger chunk of time. It's better because it's really like one ish to two times a month that we're doing it versus like every week or more. So I really liked that. That's what we kind of started there. I say Yeah, and it's it's worked and it is a flow and we you know, set a recording date about every three to four weeks. And then we look ahead and we're like okay, but the summer coming up. And we want to maybe not record all summer and yeah, try to plan ahead and get as many recordings in as possible. So that's another

Unknown 12:08

one. Yeah, server like okay, that's your maxed out with stuff at school and family and holidays and stuff. It's like we really want to try to not record it. So can we plan ahead for that

Unknown 12:20

so that we can keep the once a week out because if we didn't do that, the busy seasons would come and it would be easier to to slow down or stop. And we try and get as much of all the backend stuff. So I mean, we record and then we have a wonderful person, Chris who helped us with editing and everything off to him to get edited. And then we get transcripts of every episode, and we create social media images. For every episode, we write individual Tran descriptions for each episode. And then part of that is grabbing links from the show and other resources for the show notes. If we're interviewing, we're making sure we have all of their stuff linked because that's really important that people be able to connect with the people we're having on the show. So that takes a little bit of time. And then the actual week of posting, right you upload it you put the description in and then we try and post to social media where there's an image and more we're sharing the link to people for people to listen tagging the people who have been on the show tagging other resources and Washington repeat. Exactly, exactly. So it's

Unknown 13:29

it's a lot so that's like everything that goes into the actual posting of the episode but then to there's a lot of behind the scenes when we chat about what topics do we want to come up with. So we work really well in like our Google, Google Drive Google documents, so we have lots of little files in there. That helps keep track of everything of what episodes coming out when what needs to be done. For the episode because that can also get lost in translation, too. We realize and we've learned along the way, you know, as far as we need to start tracking this like, what podcast goes where and when done, what hasn't been done, what needs a transcript like all of those little things. When we got to that point, it was kind of like we need to you need to get that figured out. And so we worked really well and we created the outlines for the show helps a ton too. So all of that goes into that

Unknown 14:30

as well. I love the shared drive aspect of it. So if you're working in any sort of team environment being able to we both can access the same documents either at the same time, or at individual times when we're you might work at a different time than I work at and we can make notes and update things. But it's all live. It's all saved and it's all in one central place. So I'm big on the Google Drive. I use it in my little business and huge and I use it we use it and I think it's a game changer as far as organization. So yeah, podcast lineup content ideas, paid invoices. future topics, current topics, what's been edited what's been transcribed like and it's all got it's like a sequence you know, you kind of like highlight it for this stage. We use Yeah, I think that again, without being like, this is exactly how we're going to organize ourselves. We just like

Unknown 15:28

yeah, it flow. Yes, like Oh, I like this. Okay, here we go. We're gonna get this Yeah, that makes sense. So it was a little you know, it's a it was a learning process there but we also try to get together in person whenever we can. Because your favorite part I know do our in person. As I wrote on her Elena said in person celebrations it really is.

Unknown 15:48

When we get together when we get together we like to move our bodies. So we usually go on a hike or a walk and then we reward ourselves. Yes, with a delicious meal that is chosen with great intentionality like it is delicious. It's not always like the healthiest and that's okay. Because we just went and hiked our booties off. And so, love those I think we're getting better to about not like so much time go between them like really trying to go every couple months. Like I know we just set the one for May Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So love are important that's in that in that time and so in that way usually talk personal life some which is good for us because when we're getting on these recordings, we are typically focused on work and we do little brief catch up on life. I think when we go hike is where we really chat about like, how are you doing what's going on? Yeah. And then it goes into that we're brainstorming and always regretting not having some kind of recorder going or taking notes that we've said, you're like slowing, because when you get off your body, yes. Well, and that's how the whole podcasting that ideas started is because we started meeting at coffee shops and we would sit and we would talk business and life and stuff and then we're like, Let's go walk. And so that's when I felt like real juices started flowing because we would walk and talk and just sort of like, you know, no real goal in mind just and then we realized when you're walking the creek it just like opens up. So on these heights, all these like ideas are flowing and then we're like like I need to write this down. What did we just say? What are we doing that we planned out the whole next five years and now I can't remember. And we have big visions and big bigger ideas for where we want to eventually go with the outcast you know, and I think that's super cool is knowing that we're not just like, doing it to do it is that we're trying to grow it into something bigger and more impactful and long lasting. And that's what it is, is exciting.

Unknown 18:00

Yeah. And so that's a big bulk of today's show, too is creating what we like to call that aligned birth, you know, community so I feel like that is with my own office. I whenever I see my newsletters out, I'd usually say here Sunrise community news, like it's just what do I think my people to know and so it's kind of, you know, creating that blind Earth

Unknown 18:29

Yeah, yeah, I think what we're coming up with, we want people to get plugged in to a more intimate group, that over time, you know, we are able to give more in depth, quote unquote, premium stuff, too. But just like keeping up to date with what we're doing what's coming and being kind of the first to know so there's a couple new things that were is our like pathway to doing this. So the idea is to grow our alive birth community and one way we want to do that is by community support. And we've started talking about this in some of our episodes. But you know, between the topic research that we've already shared about here, our one on one guest interviews like the work that it takes to coordinate that the recording itself, the editing, the posting every week. You know, it takes time, effort and resources to share and so we want to put it out there and, and ask for that, that monetary support from our community. And what's cool about it is that it's through bus route. We're a big fan of Buzzsprout. They are our podcasting platform, and we've been very happy. Oh, yeah. Being on they have so many helpful resources. They have podcasts too. But they've made it to where the direct community support, you know, you can link it, it's linked in our show notes. If you are listening through Buzzsprout it's very, it's like right there. It's like, hey, community support and it's a low, it can be as low or as high as you want to. It's sort of like if you feel compelled to like, give us a tip for listening. Like, it's like tipping your waiter or, you know, wherever you decide that you want to give someone a little bonus. That's what this is. It's like, Hey, I like what you're doing. I want you to keep doing it. Like the reason we're sort of spelling it out here is that you know, we just show up on your phone every week. And that might seem easy, but it does take a lot of time, effort and energy. And we want from us. Yeah, yeah. And funding. Yeah, exactly. And so in order for us keep doing it. You know, we're so so grateful for all of our listeners, the reviews, we're getting that let us know like the feedback we're getting is letting us know that we're doing something here and so we're so so grateful for Yeah, yeah. For some people it is in fact one we know that and so that's one way to help. Continue that. Yeah. So we've put it out there to ask for monetary donations for as little or as much as you want. And we've set it up. It's super easy. It's in the show notes. You can just click and choose your monthly contribution. Again, whatever works for you can be as low as $3 I think a month and or as high as you want. Just know that it makes a big, big difference in us being able to keep doing this this very focused content that inspires and entertains and is mindful. And it's with direct listener support that's how we can do it. So you know, I think it's something that we've wanted to do for a while and it's hard, I think to ask for this kind of support, because we want to keep creating it and we will but this will just make it more attainable and help us kind of go go into those bigger goals

Unknown 22:06

branch into this bigger areas that we want to because that also the bigger goal and vision that we have is also going to take time, energy and funds you know, so it's kind of at that impasse and it can always feel a little team to create you know when you're like asking for the split, both Rachel and I are in that service field, you know, and so, you know, being compensated for not only the time, energy and effort, but the expertise as well that you know, was put out on the show too and the expertise that we have in the expertise that we bring into the show because everybody that we've had on the show just comes on the goodness of their heart, you know, so it's you know, it's not like we're trying to pay anything at those aspects. So every everybody's here just wanting to share that their knowledge and that expertise is able to kind of give back to the show.

Unknown 23:07

And fast forward. Yeah,

Unknown 23:08

yeah. And I think if aligned birth is part of your, your day or your week when you're, you know, running errands or taking a shower or getting ready or making dinner. You know, I know it might be harder to kind of stop what you're doing and follow what we're saying but if you love what we're doing, and you want us to keep doing it, we are asking very directly that you visit the link in the show notes or you can go to aligned bird that best and takes like 60 seconds. Get signed up for that monthly support. We would greatly greatly appreciate it.

Unknown 23:48

Yay. I know I'm excited about that. That one new avenue that we're looking at we've started talking about is that community support support. So within that too, we're looking at another avenue of growing the online birth community is more I guess communication from us, with us to us. In the form of what have an email. And so I know emails can be it can be a lot and so people are very selective in you know the type of information that they want to get. And so again, it's not going to be super salesy super boring, but just do news, extra newsletter updates, you can opt in to receive a weekly update about the show notes or links to things that are a little bit easier to get to or highlighting some of the shows or letting you know what's really coming up. Instead of doing you know an episode or something about it really going in and being able to like real time, you know, because it takes a bit we record the episodes and it takes a little bit to kind of get those out. So that might not be the fastest way to find out more information from us. You know, email would definitely be a better, quicker way to stay in touch but to stay like in the know with the upcoming things that we have coming out as well too. So

Unknown 25:15

it shows up directly in the inbox with the details of the episode description. You're gonna have all the links for the people and the interest and interview their links. If we reference you know, HR additional resources, you're gonna have those right there in your inbox because I know sometimes going and finding the show notes if you're listening on like through like iTunes or something isn't always easy. And so everything that would be there would show up in your inbox like first thing. So it would be a great resource a great way to kind of be the first to know about the next episode and all the details surrounding Yeah, and the sort of extra bonuses that are being offered for that episode would be in that in that email.

Unknown 25:52

I think that what you said too is really good as far as that would be a lot easier way I think to access the show notes because a lot of times when we have guests on or even when we're doing our own thing, we have a lot of resources. I was going through the outline that we have for some of the bad recordings we're doing today and I'm like holy crap, like, reference this and reference this and look to hear and so, to go down that rabbit hole, sometimes it's harder. I know if I'm listening to a podcast it's harder for me to do that while I'm listening to or to go back to it. So that you know would be very, very easy for you to gather that knowledge because that's the whole again, the whole point of the show too is wanting to provide you with the knowledge and the resources for you to make those early decisions that align with

Unknown 0:00

Have you and so being able to just jump in your inbox

Unknown 0:07

quite easy to access and yeah, I mean, one time a week at most, is all you're going to hear from us. So, again, link in the show notes for that email signup. So I know lots of people asking for your email everywhere you go. You can't go to a website or an app and not have to give your email. We respect your email. We respect you and your privacy at a time. And the goal is to just get you the information directly and quickly. And then you'd be tapped into the community as we have new things happening. So it's simple just takes a second, if you want to click into those show notes that we were just talking about, you can follow the link for signing up with us. And we would greatly greatly appreciate it like everything, so grateful for your time whenever wherever you want to. However you want to show up if it's just putting in your email. We appreciate it. It's the community's direct community support. We appreciate it if it's listening and leaving a review. also appreciate it right like all those are three ways that you can show up and show your appreciation or show you're like hey, we see you we want you to keep doing it. So pick one, do all three if you want to do all three and get a gold star I know your

Unknown 1:21

VIP VIP member.

Unknown 1:27

But we also have and we kind of started playing around with it because for a while when we were doing the episodes we wouldn't do we would just do the audio. We wouldn't use video or anything even with Zoom. So we record on Zoom currently, and we would just it would just be the audio and so I think it was when we interviewed Caitlyn McGraw yes with the her village that we did the video of like oh maybe this is something spectacular hence why I have like a sheet in my closet because like before it didn't really matter where where we were had I just worked out did I look like a hot mess? It didn't matter it still doesn't matter right? It doesn't

Unknown 2:05

matter. Matter come with Mako here we go

Unknown 2:08

because video. I don't know it can be it can be a little bit different. So it's another way that we're looking at you being able to listen to the show. So looking at doing YouTube I feel like my 13 year old who has his own little YouTube channel, right?

Unknown 2:24

So I'll follow you subscribe. Thanks.

Unknown 2:27

And have we giving you tips because you gotta be like, I listened to somebody and they're like, yes, smash that subscribe button or Yes.

Unknown 2:34

Oh god, there's like all said that. Yeah, the red button. I'm like God if I hear that one more time, so I'm gonna try like my 13 year old

Unknown 2:43

No, because Roblox videos. People only go on YouTube and they're speaking to only to where we're speaking through to the podcast. Yeah. So really, the goal of YouTube is if you want to see our if you want to see our faces because i do i There are certain podcasts that I listen to or watch on YouTube. Like I'm especially if I'm at my desk, I just set up my phone. I like seeing their faces like I followed this one podcast for so long and it was two gals and then I found out that they had that they were on YouTube and ended up there. Was just them sitting there in their faces talking there. They're not doing anything more entertaining than they were on the podcast, but I really liked seeing their faces seeing the faces. So if you want to put a face to the name, if you want to see us here we look out for us on YouTube because that's the next goal and that's the next growth step for us is to make these recordings, put them on YouTube, and all the information will be there as well. So that's definitely we need more time energy and funds to do that because it's a different editing tool. It's a different time I believe, like a learning curve. So that's like not happening. Well the age

Unknown 3:53

we haven't you learned

Unknown 3:57

I'm so sorry. We also have children of age who can help us Yeah, yeah, good.

Unknown 4:03

We'll be good. It's gonna be the do it.

Unknown 4:07

Channel is there you can find us though. There's not a lot of videos yet. Yeah, keep an eye out. They'll be sharing more about when they're when when they're available and happening on a regular basis and you got to get us where we want to go.

Unknown 4:18

That's where we want to go. Here is one thing that I want. This is total sidebar, but when I've done a lot, I guess in the recent past with almost at like manifestation aspects of these speaking things into existence and that's kind of like what we're doing with this and so almost a little bit of I like flipping the well I want to have this and I want to do that statement into I am doing this. We are doing this really flipping the energy behind that statement. And so that's another reason for like, Okay, if this is something that we are feeling led to do, let's talk about it on the pockets, let's put it out into

Unknown 5:00

the ether and see maybe

Unknown 5:01

someone will hold us accountable. Yes. You said exactly. So it can be a little bit scary in that aspect of things. But

Unknown 5:12

I just kind of came to me as far as like we know it is why we're another reason why

Unknown 5:15

we're recording this episode. We are

Unknown 5:16

we want to put out there like where we were, where we've come where we're going and put it out there. We want the growth we want to be open to it. We both have all kinds of hang ups around whatever it takes to put yourself out there too and vulnerable like being vulnerable and asking for support and, and talking about things that haven't happened yet. You know, you talk about Yeah, so by doing this, it's helping. It's just helping us become more confident in the endeavor. It isn't endeavor. It is a growth opportunity. Like on an individual level, like on a personal level doing it this way is and then hopefully, you know inspiring

Unknown 6:00

other people. Exactly. I know she can't do this, you can

Unknown 6:06

and then we're also on social media. So right now, we are on Instagram at aligned underscore Earth and I feel like we've we've done a really good job of showing up on there fairly consistently, you know, as we always create little images for the show, but then even highlighting some of the guests that we've had on the show because their social medias are also really, really important impactful and so we try to share their information as well. To a sound bites show but yeah, follow along because that's another you know, quick avenue to connect with us and to see what's coming up and those types of things. So, and we

Unknown 6:51

post there when the shows come out and again when we get there too and try and share the splits happening in our individual like businesses and

Unknown 7:00

if you want to see like where we hike, and all those fun things we usually you know, post those pictures.

Unknown 7:07

Yes, but

Unknown 7:09

some of our I want to give little teasers for what we have coming up and this is this list that I came up with is only this isn't my brain. My brain has a bigger list. It has a really big list. This

Unknown 7:21

is actually like a dog budget.

Unknown 7:23

This is Yes, scheduled and ready to come up although some of them we still have some work to do but we want to highlight some episodes with doulas and dads and talking from the Father perspective there because I mean, that's huge. We won't go into all the specifics but also describing birth to first time mom's birthday people giving birth like that's a fun thing to hear in the office. I know that's a fun thing for you to hear too. And just I just had a postpartum re exam yesterday. And it was just just few days postpartum and it was like, Oh, look at this the motions of everything and then you switch baby and just, it's so much and so I love hearing those words. And I think I think sometimes we need to hear this because sometimes too, all you hear is you know, get hurt. You know kind of those things that yes it is that but it's also amazing and beautiful and wonderful. It deserves to be told and it deserves for you to hear from someone that's maybe not you know, ain't Joe telling you something. So yeah, that's

Unknown 8:27

for the positive the real, the authentic the fresh the raw, were first time birthing. Mamas sharing their about their experience, not like in telling their birth story but in like, Hey, if you could say it in one sentence about giving birth, what would you say? Would you say?

Unknown 8:45

That's like, I don't know, one homework statement for all our listeners. What would you say that's kind of been? Tell us on the show, we've got an interview coming up with a pediatric physical therapist. She's also a pelvic floor physical therapist, but I really want to highlight some of the pediatric work that she does, because she's wonderful. So we'll get her on writing your birth story, writing your own memoir, writing that down, documenting that and helpful tips and things. They're excited

Unknown 9:15

for that do

Unknown 9:16

that one. More perinatal mental health. I don't think we can hear enough any sort of perinatal mental health Never

Unknown 9:24

Enough talking about it. We've got a couple.

Unknown 9:27

Yeah, I was gonna say we have a couple coming up there. I wanted wanted to do highlight one with a therapist. And talking about motherhood friendships. Because that can that's interesting, you know, and so harboring those friendships. Definitely that again, interview with the perinatal mental health specialist, doula work, all of that combined. I think it's fun to to get the birth workers on when they've got a several different feelers out into the birth worker world. And it's all related. You know, sometimes you have someone that's a social worker and a doula and a lactation consultant or a doula and lactation designer, massage therapist and like all of those types, how that web that they create is really formed. So that's one thing with that and then postpartum doulas as well. So like I said, that's just the that's just what's coming up for show.

Unknown 10:18

But yeah,

Unknown 10:20

I've got I got lots of people in mind to talk to everybody.

Unknown 10:24

And I'll use this opportunity to put it out there that if there is a topic that you would like us to put on our list, send us a DM on social media. Just go to alive underscore birth and DMS there. We're very active, we'll get it or sign

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up for the newsletter for the newsletter and reply that and then yeah, you'll have because we've got our little email address,

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because we would love to hear what you guys want to hear us talk about. So send us your topics. Send us what you want to hear, send us what their burning questions are. I look forward to the day that we do a q&a, where we're like taking listener q&a, like give us your questions, and we're going to give you our expertise, personal experience, whatever you want. best answers

Unknown 11:10

through. I like that. I like that q&a. Okay, we're putting it out there.

Unknown 11:16

Yay. But again, wow, this is just really fun. We're really really excited about this. 100 episodes 10,000 downloads, kind of over the moon about it. Still love talking about birth. I

Unknown 11:33

still love it.

Unknown 11:35

I deal with it on the daily Rachel does too. We absolutely love this and we would love to have you to be part of the community.

Unknown 11:42

Yes, and if you're listening, thank you. Thank you so much. We appreciate it. And we hope you have a beautiful day.

Unknown 11:52

And stay tuned because every Wednesday an episode comes out

Unknown 11:56

brand new episode. Wednesday. Every Wednesday, y'all that's real. Exactly.

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