Aligned Birth

Ep 112: Life Updates with Dr. Shannon and Doula Rachael

July 19, 2023 Dr. Shannon and Doula Rachael Episode 112
Aligned Birth
Ep 112: Life Updates with Dr. Shannon and Doula Rachael
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In this episode, Dr. Shannon and Doula Rachael share what's new with the podcast, what's happening in their businesses, and how they are navigating the summer with the kiddos and camps and all the things they wanted to do but haven't done yet.

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Dr. Shannon (00:01.338)

Hello, hello, hello. You are listening to the Align Birth podcast. I'm Dr. Shannon, one of the hosts of the show, and Rachel, my co-host here, is also with us today. And today is fun conversation day where we're just going to talk about life because life has been happening. As we're recording this, we're in the midst of summer. And so I feel like we do a lot of these like life updates in summer because summer is freaking crazy.

And we each have two boys and so it's just an active, it's just a very active summer. So we wanted to give some updates, not only about podcast things and podcast life, but also business things because we do have our own businesses and then personal things because we do have our own lives. So that's what we are chatting on the show today about.

Dr. Shannon (04:03.526)

Hello, hello, hello. I'm so excited to talk to you today.

Rachael Hutchins (04:07.67)

Hi, Dr. Shannon. I know, I'm so excited to talk to you as well, especially because we're trying out this new platform, Riverside, for our video and our recording. So this is a great little test run. And I'm glad we chose to do life updates as the first recording. It makes it a little bit less pressure.

Dr. Shannon (04:29.578)

Yes. Yes, I know. So that's one of our updates is, you know, how we record the podcasts and just trying out new things, something that's a little bit easier, user friendly that we can do a lot of kind of tweaking with, you know? And so I'm kind of excited to get this going. You've done so much work with it though. I'm like, I love it. I love...

You're very, Rachel's very good at these type of things, just so everybody knows. She has a very good eye. Yeah, no, I love it, I love it. And even with our like social media stuff, Rachel always has a really good eye for posting things. So.

Rachael Hutchins (05:00.974)

Okay, you're giving me way too much credit.

Way too much credit.

Rachael Hutchins (05:11.934)

I do enjoy it. I do enjoy it. I don't love social media. I do like kind of creating like I like Canva. Canva makes me feel like a rock star, right? Because Canva is where you get to like all your creative things come together. And I mean, I did that whole our whole new intro, which once we get everything up on YouTube, you can come watch people can come watch our see our faces, but also see our new intro with that we put together. But I use Canva and Canva made it really pretty easy.

Dr. Shannon (05:16.449)


Dr. Shannon (05:20.108)

It really does.

Dr. Shannon (05:32.602)

You can see it.

Dr. Shannon (05:42.394)

but it looks so good. That's the thing what's crazy. It's like, it looks super professional. So yeah, so I'm excited about that. So yeah, we're hopefully getting to try out this new platform and then also branching out into hopefully getting the videos out there and doing like the YouTube channel.

Rachael Hutchins (05:47.958)

Well, thank you.

Rachael Hutchins (06:04.474)

Yeah, that was sort of the impetus for switching to Riverside is it sort of gave us more autonomy and control over our editing and our recording and kind of everything all in one. If you didn't know, we have, not you, you know, listeners, if you didn't know, we have transcripts available for all of our podcasts. That's another way you can consume the episode if that's

Dr. Shannon (06:08.402)


Rachael Hutchins (06:31.398)

meets the need. But I think this Riverside is going to make those transcripts more accurate and easier to grab.

Dr. Shannon (06:38.168)


because we were doing another technology that we were using to, so we'd have to replay the episode and grab that transcript. So that was just another time energy aspect thing that went into the podcast. So now hopefully it all happens at once and is more accurate. Yeah, because the last ones, there were some funny words that would get put in there.

Rachael Hutchins (06:51.135)


Rachael Hutchins (06:55.006)


Rachael Hutchins (07:04.906)

Yeah, I know I'd have to read through it. It didn't, it didn't love, it didn't, it didn't pick up a lot of the words correctly. So I would fix some of them, but I also left some of them just as it was because it is what it is. But this I'm excited about. I think it's gonna be better. And we're taking over editing too. So, you know, we've had, we've, we've had a contractor who's done our editing for the past two years. And now we're going to be doing our own editing. So, yay!

Dr. Shannon (07:12.026)


Dr. Shannon (07:17.431)

It is what it is.

Dr. Shannon (07:22.266)


Dr. Shannon (07:32.298)

Yeah, yay, look at us. We're doing, I know we're all grown up. Yeah, like we know what we're doing. I love it. Well, and fun things about the podcast though is that we have over 100 episodes that are out. The podcast is over just over two years old. So we're in that toddler, we're in the terrible two stage. Although I don't necessarily like that, but...

Rachael Hutchins (07:33.654)

Look at us all grown up podcasters. Yeah, right.

Rachael Hutchins (07:47.446)


Rachael Hutchins (07:50.742)


We are in the terrible, yeah, maybe not terrible twos. What's another way of saying it? Terrific twos. We are in a threshold though of like, once you kind of get to this point, it is like very few podcasts actually keep podcasting, like kind of beyond this point. So, I feel proud of us for making it this far and our consistency, yeah, yes, jinx, yeah.

Dr. Shannon (07:57.906)

Yeah, terrific twos. We're in the terrific twos.

Dr. Shannon (08:09.988)

Uh huh.

Dr. Shannon (08:13.606)

I'm so stoked. Our consistency, yes! Yay, yep. Mm-hmm.

Rachael Hutchins (08:19.658)

I think that's the thing we're the most proud of is that we've stuck to that one episode a week for two whole years. Yeah. Doing it.

Dr. Shannon (08:26.302)

years. That's insane. I can't believe we did it. I know. It's just, yeah. And it's, you know, our, like we've always said, like teamwork, you know, makes the dream work, which is super helpful with all of these things. But yeah, so we have over a hundred episodes. We've been consistently putting info out for over two years now. And I think we have, at the time of this, we're very close to 13,000 downloads, I think, somewhere. I haven't checked it.

Rachael Hutchins (08:54.266)

Yay! Yeah, I think that's right. Yes.

Dr. Shannon (08:55.97)

in a little bit. So, but that's super exciting though too. So I just had someone have a patient who she's a runner. I was on her podcast. I'm going to have her on the show at one point once this next little baby arrives. And she said, she was like, I just went back and re-listened to the, I did one on like postpartum.

fitness and running and stuff like that. And so, cause she's a runner and she's like, this has got me all excited about, you know, getting back into it. And I was like, oh my God, I know that just made me really happy though. Uh-huh.

Rachael Hutchins (09:26.406)

Oh, I love that. And then I love how they live on, right? Like you can always hark back to them and relisten. And you know, we're always trying to reshare older episodes like when we talk about certain things. In one episode, we're like, right now, go back and listen to this, cause we touched on it. So it's nice you can always go back, but even more cool when a listener is doing that, but it makes it, it does, it lives on. It's so easy to kind of go back and relisten to some helpful stuff.

Dr. Shannon (09:42.66)


Dr. Shannon (09:48.837)


Dr. Shannon (09:53.378)

And we have so many good episodes. That's the thing. We have so much content. Um, and.

Rachael Hutchins (09:55.765)

So many.

Rachael Hutchins (09:59.438)

I had a fun listener interaction or encounter at one of our recent home birth class, our most recent one. We were taking a break and one of the, we probably had six couples there and one of the mamas stopped me and goes, are you the cohost of Align Birth Podcast? Or are you on the, or do you have the Align Birth Podcast? So she asked it in a way and I was like, yes. She was like, I've listened to like,

Dr. Shannon (10:24.466)

Oh my god, that is me.

Rachael Hutchins (10:27.526)

so many episodes and your voice sounded so familiar. Like, I was like, yeah, I was like, yes. And I'm so glad you're here. Thank you for listening. It was so exciting.

Dr. Shannon (10:30.41)

Oh, stop it. That's so freaking cool. Yeah.

Dr. Shannon (10:43.794)

I love it. There was one time I went out to dinner, I think I've shared this before, but with like this, there's a group of women that I do a bunch of races with and Dr. Pam Stone, who I've had on the show before, she was there as well. So we were talking about the podcast or something and our waiter was like, wait, are you famous? I was like, no, but I do have a podcast. Thank you very much. Exactly. Yeah, it's 13,000 downloads and 100 episodes famous because then yes.

Rachael Hutchins (11:03.047)

It depends on how you define famous and how birth-y you are.

Rachael Hutchins (11:11.798)

Yeah, I know. I know. That's so funny. Yeah. Yeah, we're becoming, you know, more relevant and just got to keep doing it and get to that next kind of tier and more listeners and more support. And that's why, you know, we're going to keep doing it and keep, you know, growing and offering, you know, you've heard in our intro, we've got, you know, ways to support the show ways to connect with us, like really trying to

Dr. Shannon (11:15.777)


I know.

Dr. Shannon (11:29.343)

I know, we love it.

Rachael Hutchins (11:38.418)

expand into those areas so we can you know grow our community.

Dr. Shannon (11:43.518)

Mm-hmm. I know. And we've got lots of things on the horizon too for, you know, episodes that we want. We just had a bunch of recent, like, really, really good ones, like three really, really good birth stories that came out. Very different births. And so I think that was what was really cool about all of those. So I love...

Rachael Hutchins (11:55.952)



Dr. Shannon (12:04.122)

We want to continue with the birth story avenue of things, but then a more good lineup of interviews, and then there's always things for us to talk about in the birthy world. In fact, we even have a lineup already of episodes that we need to sit down and talk about, topics to talk about.

Rachael Hutchins (12:08.026)


Rachael Hutchins (12:17.55)

Mm-hmm. Talk, topics to cover. Yes, and it's never-ending. And I do love the birth story episodes, and I think our listeners do too. We get a lot of good feedback from those, and those always have good numbers. Yeah.

Dr. Shannon (12:31.607)

Mm-hmm. Those are really, really good. So yay. So that's us with the podcast. I know. I'm excited. We're going to keep going with it. And hopefully we don't have too many hiccups or things with Riverside, but I think we'll be good. I think we figured it out. So what's new? I know, right? If there's something going on, send us an email. Okay. What's new with you in...

Rachael Hutchins (12:47.89)

Yeah, I think so. You'll have people have less know.

Dr. Shannon (12:59.006)

the doula world, North Atlanta birth services world, nabs world, all that good stuff. I'm dying to know.

Rachael Hutchins (13:05.234)

Yeah, yeah, no, we're steadily growing. We now have six doulas, so myself plus six others. So that's wonderful. Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Shannon (13:16.658)

That's amazing. Because it was just you and then you and Hannah. And now I remembered it with Lauren and Courtney. So now you've got even more. Catherine, that's her name. Courtois, that's the last name. That's why I keep saying Courtney.

Rachael Hutchins (13:23.972)


Rachael Hutchins (13:29.782)

Well, it's Lauren and Catherine. Yep, there's another duo that's Lauren and Courtney, doulas of ATL, who we love them. Yeah, they're a different group. So we have Catherine and Lauren. They're a birth doula team. So they take on birth doula clients together. And they're amazing. And we've been rocking and rolling with them for just over a year.

Dr. Shannon (13:41.402)

That's right too. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, they're really good.

Rachael Hutchins (13:58.854)

And then Hannah and I are about to celebrate our two year partnerversary. We're actually going out to breakfast on Monday coming up. Yeah. So and then we have Amanda, our postpartum doula. Yep. And she's wonderful. And then we just added a new postpartum doula. Tara Thompson. I know I know.

Dr. Shannon (14:04.166)

partner-versary. Yay! Oh my gosh! That's so exciting.

Dr. Shannon (14:15.878)


Dr. Shannon (14:23.474)

What? We had her on the show too. She's amazing massage therapist, childbirth educator, post-parmedula, infant massage, lymphatic massage. She's freaking fantastic. Yes.

Rachael Hutchins (14:33.374)

She's got so much experience and knowledge and she's a birth doula too, but she's focusing on her massage services and postpartum doula work. So bringing her on the team has helped expand our service line tremendously. So we are now, we have three different massage services. So you can prenatal postpartum massage. She, her niche is that she'll come to your home so long as you're within a certain radius of like the Cherokee County area.

Dr. Shannon (14:46.671)


Dr. Shannon (14:56.603)


Rachael Hutchins (15:01.058)

like 30 miles or 30 minutes. But she does in home, she has a couple of office locations where she'll do massage. She can work magic too on mama, especially if you're waiting on labor to start and you're in that 39, 40, 41 week mark, getting a massage from her can really kind of help get things going, bring on relaxation and release tension. And she's just so familiar with pregnancy and birth.

Dr. Shannon (15:12.987)


Rachael Hutchins (15:27.178)

being like in her presence is just an awesome energy. So we're excited to be sharing her services. And then she does, she also has a service, it's the massage doula. And so since she's a birth doula, she has that training and that experience and she's a trained massage therapist, she has a service where in early labor, so if you're in early labor, typically before your, if you have a primary doula before they join you, or if you don't have a doula at all,

Dr. Shannon (15:29.772)


Rachael Hutchins (15:56.93)

she'll come in early labor and give you a massage, offer some comfort techniques, give you some emotional support, kind of be there in that early time. Early labor is kind of the longest, most unpredictable part of labor for a lot of people, especially first time birthers, but for anyone really. So I think that service is awesome. And I can't wait for, none of our clients have had a chance to, none of our direct clients, she's had clients who have done it, but none of our direct clients have had the chance to do it yet, because we've just started.

Dr. Shannon (16:10.243)


Dr. Shannon (16:18.726)

That's amazing.


Rachael Hutchins (16:26.666)

like marketing it. But I think that can be so beneficial for many mommas. So she's doing that and then she's doing postpartum tuck-ins. The tuck-ins. Yeah. So she comes in, she helps with that transition. This is typically for, like you gave birth in a hospital and you're transitioning home.

Dr. Shannon (16:28.216)


Dr. Shannon (16:32.154)


Dr. Shannon (16:39.17)

The tuck ins. I saw that recently where she was talking about that. Yeah, where she comes and tucks you in.

Rachael Hutchins (16:52.05)

she meets you like at home as you're getting home. So like you would hire her and then you let her know you're in labor and then you let her know when you're heading home and she meets you at home. So within a couple hours of getting home and she's gonna help you get settled, help set up your like space for where you're gonna be like really trying to focus on rest and relaxation, gets a meal for you, helps kind of unpack, get things settled, can do some massage as well. Really help with that transition, help understand like what's normal, how you should be feeling, kind of like

Dr. Shannon (16:59.864)


Rachael Hutchins (17:21.898)

you know, answering questions in that regard. So that is really beneficial, especially for cesarean birth too. She really feels like it's super beneficial for people who have had to have a cesarean for getting home and getting settled and getting comfortable. Cause again, it's much harder after you've had a cesarean. So those are her three massage services that she offers and that we're gonna be offering for.

Dr. Shannon (17:29.451)

Mm-hmm, definitely.

Rachael Hutchins (17:50.186)

our clients as well and for anyone looking for them. So very excited for that. And then she's also an evidence-based birth childbirth educator. So we're actually adding two new childbirth education classes to our group. One of them is through Tara and that's the evidence-based birth class, which is a wonderful, it's a hybrid of virtual and in-person. So if you're not familiar, evidence-based birth is a great resource for childbirth education.

Dr. Shannon (17:58.487)


Dr. Shannon (18:08.07)


Rachael Hutchins (18:19.618)

They thrive on shared decision making, evidence-based information, autonomy, you know, all of that. So it's comprehensive childbirth education. And you get like all of the evidence-based birth videos. So they're pre-recorded, but you have Tara as your mentor through the process. So she's trained through them and it's a very rigorous training. And then you do like your initial class, I think virtually with her, and then you go through the videos that evidence-based birth provides.

and then they do an in-person for the group session at the end where you get all the hands-on practice. So it's a good mix of using virtual and in-person and some pre-recorded stuff and then some live. And then she's available throughout, like for questions, like throughout the half or longer with her. She does like a three week or a six week or, you know, she has a whole bunch of different ways she does it. So we're excited to be offering that as well.

And then we're also adding a hypno-babies instructor to our agency. So, Mealyn Miller, she's a hypno-babies instructor and doula and a photographer. So she's a, some people refer to it as a doula-tog. And she has made quite the impression. She's pretty new, but still like rocking and rolling and made a big impact. She's super talented.

Dr. Shannon (19:23.663)


Dr. Shannon (19:28.592)


Dr. Shannon (19:32.097)


Dr. Shannon (19:39.771)

Mm hmm. I have a patient using her.

Rachael Hutchins (19:44.414)

We actually have a client who hired her to do photography and we're super excited because like we'll be the doulas and she's gonna be the photographer So it'll be the first time we've gotten to do that And so she's just a wealth of knowledge and the hypno babies curriculum is Very in-depth very comprehensive. It's definitely like a niche. You kind of got to know that that's what you want as far as the technique for you know, reducing

Dr. Shannon (19:51.337)


Dr. Shannon (20:07.29)


Rachael Hutchins (20:13.538)

pain and increasing overall satisfaction. Yeah, it's legit. And so hers is like a six week class. She'll do virtual or in-person, but really in-person is gonna be the sweet spot, but it's nice that she does have a six week series as well. But yeah, she's like right along with you like through the whole process. Again, you can comprehend some childbirth education with it and then you learn the techniques of hypno babies. So yeah, she's...

Dr. Shannon (20:15.319)

and managing it. Yes, yes.

Dr. Shannon (20:41.487)


Rachael Hutchins (20:43.362)

She's awesome. We are super stoked to be having her as childbirth educator on our team and offering those, because now we have Lamaze, evidence-based birth, and Hypno Baby, so it's a good, those are three kind of good different, yeah, yeah.

Dr. Shannon (20:52.938)

That's a good big ones to have, but they're different. And that's what I was going to say. I love that because not everybody learns the same, but not everybody's going to want the same pain management techniques too. Like hypnobirthing may not work for everyone, but then you have these other options. And so that's really good for people to kind of be able to go through and say, yep, this is how I'm able to, this is what helps me with managing stress or something like that. So that's so good.

Rachael Hutchins (21:01.358)


Rachael Hutchins (21:06.806)

Right. Mm-hmm.

Rachael Hutchins (21:17.966)

Yep, well you can kind of read through, you know, the different philosophies on birth or the different sort of the summaries for each for each method and see what aligns with you. And that's what we're all about. Before we had these other classes as part of our agency, we always shared my Lamaze class, but then we're always like here are all the other methods that are out there. Read through like the brief description of each type because we want it to resonate with you. We want you to be like yeah, that makes sense to me. I want to...

Dr. Shannon (21:36.986)


Rachael Hutchins (21:46.102)

want to be excited to be learning about that. It's not like one way. So we've always shared a variety of different childbirth education options even if they didn't use mine because I would always be like the first to say you don't have to take mine. If mine resonates with you, if what I'm saying resonates, do it. But if not, here are the other ones. We just want you to have childbirth education, right? So we're very excited to have these as part of our offering and again if those don't work for you we know others. So we're

Dr. Shannon (22:06.368)


Rachael Hutchins (22:13.882)

We're always sharing about options in that regard. And that's brand new, that's not even on our website yet. So we're working on rolling that out. And then the other service we've added is a mini postpartum shift. And this is primarily for hospital birth. For that first day or two after you've given birth, we'll have a doula come in for four hours and help with

Dr. Shannon (22:21.073)


Rachael Hutchins (22:40.546)

holding the baby, soothing the baby, helping you get rest, helping you get food, kinda helping keep the environment calm and peaceful so you can rest, cause getting rest in the hospital after you've given birth is one of the hardest things, and most people don't really feel that prepared for it, or it kind of just takes them by surprise as far as how little sleep and rest you can actually get during that time. And there's a lot of worry about, is my baby taken care of? And rooming in is how most hospitals do it, so the baby stays with you, which is great,

Dr. Shannon (22:52.167)


Dr. Shannon (23:00.983)


Rachael Hutchins (23:10.558)

You're not really there's not a good time to get rest. And that.

Dr. Shannon (23:12.33)

Yeah, you're not in a comfortable space anyways, you know, like in the hospital. So it's just different. Yeah. Okay.

Rachael Hutchins (23:16.474)

Yeah, it's so different. And so, and then the husband's usually, or partner is wife too, but they're trying to take care of the new baby and the mom. And so, you know, it's trying to paint the picture for what it looks like and how this service can help that period of time help you get rest. Cause the more rested you are, the better you've eaten, the more well taken care of you are, the better you feel. So when you get home, you're not completely depleted. So.

Dr. Shannon (23:22.664)


Rachael Hutchins (23:44.342)

That's something that any of our doulas can do. We're calling it like a mini postpartum shift because it's in the postpartum, but that's the gist of that. So really trying to expand our service line, expand our services, that full spectrum, you know, that whole year. Yeah.

Dr. Shannon (23:51.437)



Dr. Shannon (23:59.49)

and seeing where the needs are, you know, and saying, okay, we see this and this is a gap and there's a need here for, you know, the services that we can offer, yeah.

Rachael Hutchins (24:08.526)

Yeah, yeah. And then we've got another couple postpartum doulas that we're we've been talking to. So hoping to expand the postpartum team as well. And yeah, keep you know, want to add some birth doulas too. But we are we're team or having two doulas as a team is or as partners is our mission. Like we want to duplicate like doula partners. And so finding

Dr. Shannon (24:28.746)


Rachael Hutchins (24:37.738)

and matching doulas who want to work together in that way. And duplicating that is a more slow and steady process than just adding a bunch of solo doulas. So that's a little bit more of a process, but we're working on it and just keeping her going. So yeah, that's what we've been doing.

Dr. Shannon (24:46.952)


Dr. Shannon (24:50.71)

Yeah, keeping going. I love the growth there though. That's really good. That sounds good.

Rachael Hutchins (24:57.362)

Yeah, yes, it's fun. It's fun gets me lit up.

Dr. Shannon (25:02.306)

I'm glad it's still fun though too, you know, you got to keep it fun and remember why you're doing it. You know, that's exciting. That's so exciting. Honestly, not too much. It's still just me still rocking and rolling and doing my thing and just, you know, staying busy. I've kept my schedule the same, you know, it's just, yeah. So but today when we're recording this is actually the five year.

Rachael Hutchins (25:04.678)


Yes. Yeah, what about you? What's been going on at Sunrise?

Rachael Hutchins (25:19.211)

Rockin' and rollin', though.

Dr. Shannon (25:31.482)

birthday. So yeah, so my office celebrates a birthday. So yeah, so five years. Yeah. That's kind of crazy. That's kind of crazy. So every once in a while I'll get in my head because sometimes I'm like, well, I don't think that...

Rachael Hutchins (25:31.49)

Hmm, happy birthday!

Rachael Hutchins (25:38.07)

Congratulations, five years, girl.

Dr. Shannon (25:53.522)

my growth is where I want it to be, where I think it should be, where it can be, where I see other people at. And so sometimes that can be kind of tough, you know, especially in that, you know, owning your own business world. But in looking through things and I was just kind of, I don't know, going through all like old files and stuff like that of just like looking at how much it's grown and what I didn't even...

Rachael Hutchins (26:07.829)

Mm-hmm, yes.

Dr. Shannon (26:22.33)

Like how I'm doing now, it didn't even seem like that was going to be possible, right? Like I was like, I don't know how that's going to, I don't know how that's going to work out. So it's still just kind of, you know, yeah, I have the goals and the aspects with it and the dreams, but it's also still just kind of going with the, that flow of how things are unfolding, you know, and that sort of thing. So it really is.

Rachael Hutchins (26:27.155)

Yep, I'll do that for real.

Rachael Hutchins (26:43.526)

Yeah, just kind of taking that next each next step at a time. But it's also good to appreciate how far you've come. I think that's so real as far as like that. You every wherever you are, you're always thinking about what's next. Instead of like, wow, if I hadn't had five years ago what I have now, I would be floored. I'd be I would be like dreams come true. This is exactly what I've been working for, like getting your schedule, having a full calendar, like.

Dr. Shannon (26:50.266)


Dr. Shannon (26:57.722)


Dr. Shannon (27:05.658)



Rachael Hutchins (27:09.746)

making your own schedule, having your own space, all of that was what you wanted. And that was like, you're like, I just want that. And then you get there and you're like, this is what you're doing. And so getting caught up in that, what's next or wanna do more. And it's like, no, just enjoy what you work so hard for because you're hopefully reaping the benefits and enjoying it and changing a lot of lives along the way. And that is amazing.

Dr. Shannon (27:19.769)


Dr. Shannon (27:29.71)


Yes, no, it's still very, very rewarding. I still love it a whole bunch. So, and so excited to see where like growth and progress can occur and happen. But it's almost like, you know, having a kiddo where it's like, yeah, you want them so, oh, I can't wait till they crawl. Oh, I can't wait till they walk. But then it's also you got to like, you want to stay in the moment and that present moment too. So that's what it feels like.

Rachael Hutchins (27:54.506)

Yeah. And you rolled out a new kind of website updates too, right? With some new things on your website.

Dr. Shannon (28:01.774)

I did, yeah, that was like the first marketing money I spent. I had the website redone because I had a very good friend make the website before for me, which was nice. And so that was fun to kind of roll that out. And I think it showcases a little bit more of...

all the offerings there because I do like to focus on like that prenatal chiropractic and that postpartum and so kind of in that perinatal but then looking with you know pediatric care and working a lot with families and athletes and that type of thing. So yeah there's like those niches that you have but then it's also you know yeah I can see you know I can see everybody. Again too not everybody is a good fit so I do send them elsewhere if people need to go elsewhere but uh so that was nice.

Rachael Hutchins (28:44.212)


Rachael Hutchins (28:56.522)

No, that's so good to know though. That's great.

Dr. Shannon (28:58.43)

Mm-hmm. So yeah, so that was good. So that's been really fun, kind of crazy. And I recently, so we had Rachel Hart on this show. So she's a home birth midwife with Birthing Way midwifery here local in metro Atlanta area. And so she has started a podcast as well. And so we were chatting about this before the show, like everybody started podcasts. We love it.

And because it's fun because we get to talk about that we get to go beyond their shows and stuff like that. And so she had reached out. So she's this is more it's not necessarily like a Berthie related one because she also does like reconnected to life. So she did a whole episode on our podcast. I think it's either like 14 or 15 or something like that. So super early on where she talks about it's this like it's like a coaching group, but also like really focusing on self care. So it's like and her podcast is called Self-Centered Woman. And so

Rachael Hutchins (29:32.927)


Rachael Hutchins (29:52.994)


Dr. Shannon (29:56.238)

looking at, she wanted to go over the four seeds, which she has the four seeds of self care. And so she's got it as meditation, prayer, exercise, nutrition, and sleep. I have my five pillars of health, so then I add in chiropractic care and that. So it's kind of fun to, everybody's got their own little like, you know, things. But she wanted to have me on the show to talk mainly about running. So I'm a big runner. We've done a couple, you know, episodes on here on that as well too. And she wanted to talk about

Rachael Hutchins (30:11.557)

Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Shannon (30:24.582)

that as far as like how exercise is so important to me as well. But then she wanted to go into some of how the business came about and how I got into chiropractic. So that was a really fun interview that I got to do with her. So I'll link it here because it just came out, I think it came out in June. We're recording this in July. But we detail a lot. And I think I've talked about this on the show before, but my family and I were in a

Rachael Hutchins (30:42.1)



Dr. Shannon (30:52.966)

pretty terrible car accident right before I was set to open the office. And so I think that's why I make like a big deal on every single birthday that the office has, because it's kind of like another little like, Hey, we're still here and still thriving and surviving type of thing. Like I don't want to just survive. I want to thrive as well. So it's like we're doing both, you know? Um, so it was nice. I got to chat with her about that and go way more in depth because she had

Rachael Hutchins (31:06.253)



Rachael Hutchins (31:14.277)


Dr. Shannon (31:21.778)

quite a few questions there as well too. So that was good. So July is always very, I don't know, July feels very like emotional. There's a lot of emotions and I'm kind of, I end up on like a little bit of a roller coaster of emotions. So, so yay. So the office celebrates birthday.

Rachael Hutchins (31:23.862)


Rachael Hutchins (31:28.99)


Rachael Hutchins (31:33.682)

Mm-hmm. Yeah. Well, that's it's good to be able to have space to talk about those things and feel them in your awareness, your self-awareness about them is so commendable because, you know, when you know that about yourself and what you've been through and how far you've come and what you're still dealing with and all of that, it's great to still be able to hold that space and give yourself grace. We have this great interview with Rachel that you did. And I, yeah.

Dr. Shannon (31:49.482)


Dr. Shannon (31:56.058)

Mm-hmm. Yes, lots of grace.

Rachael Hutchins (32:03.214)

I have a lot of really wonderful things to say about Rachel. I gave birth with her, and then I also did a year with Reconnected to Life. So really enjoyed being part of her coaching program, found it incredibly helpful and beneficial. My favorite was that we got to talk on, we got an hour on the phone, you know, once a month. And that was just like so much, so helpful. It was total gold. Just like so much wisdom to be shared.

Dr. Shannon (32:12.315)


Dr. Shannon (32:22.854)



Dr. Shannon (32:31.471)


Rachael Hutchins (32:32.762)

And even if we have our own successes and our own expertise and our own knowledge, it's just like there's still so much to learn and having space to kind of talk about. So I just think what she's doing is really great. So y'all should definitely go check out her podcast.

Dr. Shannon (32:43.786)

I know it was such a huge honor. I thought because I was like, Oh my gosh, you thought of me. I'm like, you're, you're Rachel. You're the home birth midwife. Like it was, you know, like you kind of, I kind of idolize her and her work and her being in her and her in general. So it was kind of, it's fun. I love our little, our birthy community, you know? Yes. Yeah. So yeah, I mean, that's kind of it for the business. It feels pretty good though. Yeah. It feels really good though.

Rachael Hutchins (32:58.198)

Yeah, that's cool.

Rachael Hutchins (33:03.158)

Circles, yeah.

Rachael Hutchins (33:10.21)

That's wonderful. That's great. Well, happy fifth birthday. Yeah.

Dr. Shannon (33:15.234)

Yay, I know, that's crazy. Yeah, so I'm celebrating that. So that's kind of like a businessy things for us. What's going on in your world? I don't even know what day it is. It's somewhere in the summer and we're in the Atlanta area so that means we go back to school really early. So like, yeah, we go August 1st. Yeah, do you go August 1st too? Okay.

Rachael Hutchins (33:38.79)

Yep, we go by this one two weeks. August 1st. August 1st.

Dr. Shannon (33:44.866)

I wasn't sure, because I knew we got out at different times. Which I know that's super early for some people. Well, it's, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's hot.

Rachael Hutchins (33:48.044)


Rachael Hutchins (33:51.274)

Yeah, it's still full on summer on August 1st. So it's like summer's wind quote unquote winding down, but you're still in the heat of summer. Like you still want to be doing summery things, but then we have to go back to school. I mean, I have a fifth grader and a second grader. So that's how long I've been doing school, like public school, like being on a schedule like that, right? And I still, every summer, I'm just like.

Dr. Shannon (34:01.822)

Uh huh.

Dr. Shannon (34:11.362)

Uh huh.

Rachael Hutchins (34:19.822)

the end of the school year I'm really excited for summer. I am like thinking about all the things I'm gonna do, how we're gonna the structure of our summer, the fun things we're gonna do, how we're gonna stay like we're not gonna have the summer slide, we're gonna like you know read and write and learn and then we're gonna go to camp and we're gonna have pool time and we're gonna have slow mornings and this is like I'm thinking of

Dr. Shannon (34:37.042)


Dr. Shannon (34:47.162)

These are our expectations, right? I need to...

Rachael Hutchins (34:49.11)

Those are my ex but I'm like this is I could I get real excited for summer. I really do I don't dread it. I work full time Like I work full time my husband works full time Where are these fun things going to happen? Where's this happening? Okay, I go into my I will make it happen cuz I work for myself, right? So I'm like, I will make it happen. I'll carve out time. I will you know, I don't know

Dr. Shannon (34:53.219)

Uh huh.

Dr. Shannon (35:03.947)

Who's doing the fun things?

Rachael Hutchins (35:17.426)

It was, it's just always so much harder when I'm in it. And I feel like the whole time I'm like failing miserably and I'm not, but I do, cause I'm like, I want to be doing more with, and they're honestly, they're happy as can be. They really are. I think, I don't think they're feeling like, but I can't help, but always feel like another day has gone by and I worked all day and they kind of, they hang out at home if they're not at camp. And so we definitely limit screen time and they make their own fun, you know.

Dr. Shannon (35:18.39)

It's just, and when we're, yeah.

Dr. Shannon (35:31.748)

Oh yeah.

Rachael Hutchins (35:45.358)

They're doing just fine, but I always feel like I wish I had done something with them today instead of worked. So I don't know. I'm just always conflicted. We've done camp. We've done four camps. They've had camp, but then when they're at camp, I miss them. And I feel like we should be going like to the pool or the lake or something. We should be doing something else. But I tried to do a variety of camps. So they did like two STEM camps, which is like a local university. They did a week at outdoor camp at YMCA, which is like they're outside.

Dr. Shannon (35:52.05)


Dr. Shannon (36:00.796)

We could be doing something else, yeah.

Rachael Hutchins (36:15.134)

doing lake stuff and wood stuff for a week and then they did a ninja warrior camp which was like you know parkouring and tag and obstacle courses and stuff so i mean i think so but why do i feel like i'm

Dr. Shannon (36:22.298)

That's fun.

Dr. Shannon (36:26.386)

See, they're living their best life. Why does it feel, yeah, I know. Summer is hard, summer is hard.

Rachael Hutchins (36:34.402)

Summer is hard and there's still two weeks left, but I feel like I'm already the dread of it ending is real and then I have Dread like I'm ready for them to be back in school because I love the routine of school I like that the school bus comes and picks them up and drops them off I like that. They're safe and at school all day. I can get my work done and not feel guilty But then I miss them and i'm sad that school has started back like i'm I don't make sense shannon. I don't

Dr. Shannon (36:39.956)


Dr. Shannon (36:50.507)


Dr. Shannon (36:59.863)

Mm-hmm. I know. I know you don't. Ha ha ha.

Rachael Hutchins (37:02.13)

I don't make any sense. I'm like so a mixed bag around summer. That's it.

Dr. Shannon (37:08.074)

No, summer is... No, I get the same way with it though too. So, and it's the same... Like last year, we... And like if you're watching video, my little ring light went out, so I'm now in the dark, but that's okay. Last year, it was a very jam-packed summer and it was... We were like, here week...

Rachael Hutchins (37:22.547)

It's okay.

Dr. Shannon (37:34.63)

gone a week, here week, gone a week, here week, gone a week. It was like back to back to back to back. And I knew going into it, like, I knew this was gonna, I was like, it's gonna be crazy, this is what it's, but this is what it's gonna be. And I think I, this summer I decided to, I was like, we're not doing as much. And it was almost like I just kind of changed those expectations just a little bit too, cause I was like, we can't.

Rachael Hutchins (37:37.986)


Dr. Shannon (38:00.402)

Because again, too, we're all here. So the kids, my boys, are going. They went to my mom's for a week, and then they're going for another week this coming week. And so that's been nice, because they'll go there, and that's like camp for them. But then I am home, and it's not like. So they're gone the same amount of time this summer, because then we just had like a family beach trip, and that's pretty much all we did. That's all we really have time for, because it's such a short summer. But.

They are still taking, they still have all of the same time off that I did last summer, but it's, I guess it fits better, you know, with them because it's like they can maybe handle it a little bit better. But it is tough. I will say I've, every, the end of every school year I'm like, I just want to sleep in, like, because I do.

Rachael Hutchins (38:36.738)


Rachael Hutchins (38:40.712)


Dr. Shannon (38:52.33)

I don't even get up as early as most everybody else, but I do, in the school year I get up at five because I like to have an hour to myself in the morning and then the school stuff starts. And then I fit in exercise somewhere in the middle of, because I've got an eighth grader and a fifth grader now. And so I fit in the exercise between the two school times and then start the day. And I love that routine. I do really well with that routine, but then I get exhausted with that routine.

And so to usually either we have like a school break coming up or it's like the end of the school year. And that's when I'm like, oh, I just want to sleep in. And so I've done that a lot this summer and not necessarily sleeping in, but like just waking up to whenever my body was going to wake up. But I've gotten off of my schedule, my normal routine.

Rachael Hutchins (39:19.711)


Rachael Hutchins (39:42.646)

Your routine, yeah.

Dr. Shannon (39:44.042)

And so I will say, I know my mental health really fluctuated a lot this summer. So I don't know if it was a little bit of just the stress of summer and being at home and still working and managing kids and again, to like not doing all the things that I thought we were going to do. I was like, oh man, we're going to go up to Chattanooga for a day. We're going to, I want to go to a Braves game. Like all of these things. We didn't do any of it. But it's also the, I didn't.

Rachael Hutchins (39:49.215)


Rachael Hutchins (40:02.924)


Rachael Hutchins (40:06.538)

Yeah, same.

Dr. Shannon (40:11.902)

When I do wake up on my own, I'm like, well, crap, now I have only this much time to fit in these things. And so part of my morning routine, which I like to sit like I have my devotionals and I'll do, I like journaling. That is what kind of went to the wayside, which I talk a lot about that, my office, how important it is, but it went to the wayside. And I will say I can definitely feel that this summer was a lot more, it was a lot more of a struggle, like mentally.

Rachael Hutchins (40:16.103)


Dr. Shannon (40:38.77)

and looking back on it, I think. And just the past few days, I'm like, I've been getting, not waking up, but making just a little bit of time to spend that time journaling. And it's made a huge difference and I can feel it. So it's like, I know that's part of it, but yeah, it's like, I desperately wanted the change in schedule, but then that was too much. Yes.

Rachael Hutchins (40:46.23)


Rachael Hutchins (40:49.749)

Oh good.

Rachael Hutchins (40:54.326)

But there has to be a benefit though in the sleep. Like letting your body wake up on its own. Like that's what I do on the weekends that we don't have plans early is like, I'm just like, we're sleeping until I wake up and it feels so good. But doing it on a weekday is harder for I struggle with the exact same things. Like if I don't get up early, like whatever two or three hours I've missed, I feel like

Dr. Shannon (41:07.336)


Dr. Shannon (41:11.471)

I know.

Rachael Hutchins (41:22.514)

I feel it all day as far as like productivity. And I think that's the mental though switch. It's not like my body is probably doing better with the extra sleep. Like if you know you need the extra sleep, getting that is good. Like we need to let our bodies sleep and rest. And that is productive. Right. I think this is what I say. But internally, if I choose that on a weekday. All day, it gives me stress.

Dr. Shannon (41:23.174)

I don't know how to get that. Mm-hmm.

Dr. Shannon (41:34.406)


Dr. Shannon (41:41.504)

Mm-hmm. Yes.

Dr. Shannon (41:50.876)


Rachael Hutchins (41:51.062)

that I've missed out on, that there's not enough time to get what I need to get done done, and that brings me stress. So I don't know what's better, sleep.

Dr. Shannon (41:54.574)

that there's not enough time. Yep.

Dr. Shannon (42:00.918)

Yeah, yeah, that's where I was like, I wanted to sleep in and now that I've been sleeping in, well now I can't fit in all the things that I want to fit in. So there's a give and a take. Well, and that's, I think it comes to that like, and even in that interview I did with Rachel, it came down to I was like, I don't do it all. I can't fit it all in. So things do have to like go to the wayside at some point or, you know, asking for help on certain things or whatnot. But so that's been.

Rachael Hutchins (42:10.306)

So then it's like, well, what do I let go of or what do I, yeah.

Rachael Hutchins (42:28.67)

Yeah, she's so big on like choosing the thing that's better for you, like the self care thing over the productive thing or the responsible, like the job or the, cause most of that stuff can, can wait. You know, it's take, we have to take care of ourselves first. It's just, I struggle with like what actually makes me feel better. And honestly for me, what makes me feel better is going to bed early and still getting up early. Cause then I still get my sleep.

Dr. Shannon (42:30.364)


Dr. Shannon (42:33.922)


Dr. Shannon (42:37.689)


Dr. Shannon (42:44.255)


Dr. Shannon (42:47.602)


Dr. Shannon (42:54.738)

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Rachael Hutchins (42:58.482)

And then I still feel like I'm productive and feeling productive feels good to me. Like. And getting stuff done earlier in the day feels better to me and knowing that like, if my afternoon freeze up because I was able to get up and get stuff done. Bonus. But if like we have curve balls in our day and I need more time in my day to get stuff done, I have more time because I got up early and I got stuff done. I don't know. I'm like.

Dr. Shannon (43:02.826)

Yes, I'm of that same mindset.

Dr. Shannon (43:12.91)


Dr. Shannon (43:19.515)


Dr. Shannon (43:24.442)


Rachael Hutchins (43:25.93)

I'm definitely an early riser by choice. Like I choose to get up early. In the summer I've struggled. I've let myself sleep in a little bit, but not much because I want to get up before the kids. I want to get some work done, but I choose, I do work in those hours. I don't do journaling. And journaling would probably be better for me than work, but I also work out too.

Dr. Shannon (43:41.094)

Hmm. Yeah. See, you do the work day. Yeah. So that's been, but yeah, so that's where I was, well, that's what I was doing. I was like, well, I still want to fit in my exercise. So I was going to, I was doing the exercise rather than, you know, like sitting journaling. I was just kind of taking it easy in the morning. So it's just been interesting, you know, to kind of see the ebbs and flows of that. And so.

Rachael Hutchins (43:59.583)


Dr. Shannon (44:06.81)

But now that school is almost starting, I don't want to get up early. I don't want to go back. But we'll get there. We'll get there. Yes, exactly. So yeah, summer's been interesting. Another thing has been, so we, let's see, we did a podcast on some of my running stuff. So I ran...

Rachael Hutchins (44:15.086)

It's like you want it, but you don't, right? Like we want it, but we don't. It's conflicting.

Dr. Shannon (44:35.974)

an ultra marathon, I did a 40 mile race back in December. And so we chatted about that too, because there were definitely lots of parallels between that and birth. My thoughts and my mental state on the run was very similar to giving birth. It was really, yeah, it was really fun to hash that out. But after that race, I kind of tanked and I took a very extended break.

Rachael Hutchins (44:46.79)

Yes, I mean so many parallels.

Dr. Shannon (45:00.73)

from running, probably the longest break I've ever taken. And so I did about 100 days or so off because I was just in pain, like my second toe. Who needs their second toe? But obviously you need your second toe. It was a very important toe. And just lots of variety of reasons of why it was bugging me. So that was kind of a struggle, I guess, like at the beginning of the year and that whole like, am I?

Rachael Hutchins (45:15.63)

It's a very important toe.

Dr. Shannon (45:29.062)

going to come back to running? Is it gonna come back? Is it gonna feel the same? You know, that was, and even too, I was like, oh sweet, I'm now 40. I'm in the master's age group for races. I've wanted to be in the master's age group because I wanted to be a master. I think that's so freaking cool that we call. And then, I know, I do too. And no, exactly. No, screw that. I am a master. And uh.

Rachael Hutchins (45:44.598)

That is cool. I like that that's what they call it. Not silver shoes.

Rachael Hutchins (45:53.186)

I love it.

Dr. Shannon (45:55.79)

I wanted to do a race like every month in that master's level and I, that didn't happen because I was like, well, you know, things are hurting. So I was like, well, at least you stay in this age group for a little bit so that can happen, you know, next year at 41. But I started back running again and so, and things feel really, really good. So I was very, I know, so I've been very excited about that because even when I was talking to my husband, like even earlier in the year, I was like, man, I hope I can.

Rachael Hutchins (46:06.463)

it can still happen.

Rachael Hutchins (46:14.964)


Dr. Shannon (46:23.754)

run at the beach again. Like that's my one of my favorite things to do. And so, um, so yeah, no pain doing good. Lots of things went into that. But, uh, yeah. So like running again and doing, doing that and, and doing a different, my husband does, um, he takes these classes. He's been going for about a year now to a place called near us called truck fit and he loves it. And he knew he was like, I know you're going to love this. You should really do it. But I would

Rachael Hutchins (46:25.846)

You love doing that, yeah.

Dr. Shannon (46:53.078)

was doing so much running, like it was really hard. And I was like, I only have so much time in the day. So I did. And I was like, well, you know, starting back with running, let me, let me try out some of these classes and that sort of thing with him. So we've had a lot of fun going, um, to those it's, I guess, like a little bit of like CrossFit style stuff, but like body weight workouts, but other things too, and you know, it's been a lot of fun. So yeah, in a different, in a different way than kind of what I'm used to.

Rachael Hutchins (46:57.425)


Rachael Hutchins (47:13.47)

Yeah, that helps build some strength.


Dr. Shannon (47:21.65)

So, it pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit. That's great. That's always a good thing. So yeah.

Rachael Hutchins (47:23.132)

fun to mix it up.

Yeah, I'm so glad to hear you're back running, trying a new type of workout too with the hubs. That's always fun.

Dr. Shannon (47:33.186)

Mm-hmm. So that's been, yeah. So that's, that's maybe that's been like the silver lining of summer, is that I was able to, because that's when I think it was just this summer when I started taking the classes and we did like, I did the Murph workout or whatever that is for like Memorial Day. I thought it was, it was really intense. Yeah. So that was kind of, so yeah. So that's been, so that's a good thing from summer despite all the things that I felt that I was lacking.

Rachael Hutchins (47:48.598)

Yes, I've never done it but I've heard and seen people like share about it. It's like it being so intense.

Rachael Hutchins (47:59.042)

That is a good thing. Yeah. Well, speaking of running, I've not on the same level at all, but I have ran off and on for years, but after having my first son, I mean, since having children, um, I've not really been able to run without pain or leakage. That's just, that's just the honest truth. And so 10, 10 years after giving birth to my first, I started pelvic floor PT.

Dr. Shannon (48:15.555)


Dr. Shannon (48:21.882)


Dr. Shannon (48:29.384)


Rachael Hutchins (48:29.65)

And because of that, that combined with some chiropractic care, I have been able to start running in small, small doses. I'm running like two miles, three times a week. Very, very modest pace. But that's, yeah, I've always loved running. I love trail running. And I've ran in between in those years, but it's always been like dysfunctional. Like it's and I've always been like, I don't know if I want to return to that.

Dr. Shannon (48:38.809)


Dr. Shannon (48:45.474)

That's fantastic! That's huge!

Dr. Shannon (48:56.464)


Rachael Hutchins (48:59.718)

And I mean, I've wanted to return to it, but it's like nothing I could have as part of my regular workout. Um, so I've adjusted my workout to be primarily physical therapy, exercises, yoga, and running or walking. Whereas I was doing like a lot of hit and I was doing a lot of like weights and walking and yoga. But now I'm just doing only the exercises from the pelvic floor therapist because.

Dr. Shannon (49:16.848)



Rachael Hutchins (49:28.65)

I need to like retrain. I'm like functioning, my body functions, but there's a lot of dysfunction. So like I'm having a recurring pain in like my hip or in my psoas or certain things. And, but then I keep doing the exercise. I can do all the exercises. You know what I'm saying? Like you do them and then you may, you might feel pain later and I'm always like, oh, it's fine. But I'm trying to be able to get to a point where I'm functioning properly and I can do the exercise I want to do and not have the pain.

Dr. Shannon (49:32.012)


Dr. Shannon (49:45.86)


Dr. Shannon (49:50.554)


Rachael Hutchins (49:58.49)

or pelvic floor dysfunction with leaking. So it's been a journey. I started in March with pelvic floor therapy, just started back to the chiropractor. So I think those together, and the fact that I'm able to go out and run consistently on any level feels like a win. Yeah. Yeah, so just some tweaks to the physical fitness. And it was hard to let go of some of those, I don't know about you, but I'm sure it's like certain runs you feel like are worth it or certain workouts are like worth it. I always felt like I had to get in there and do like,

Dr. Shannon (50:11.97)

Yeah, that's amazing.


Rachael Hutchins (50:28.642)

hit or a get in there and do some weights in order for it to like count. I don't know. It's like a weird

Dr. Shannon (50:29.083)


Dr. Shannon (50:36.374)

Yeah, well Strava, I put my, it's linked, like my garment will link up to Strava and Strava will be like, oh, this would, or garment sometimes would be like, it'll talk about like your effort and how like, this was really light or this is lighter than normal. And I'm like, screw you. Like I, you know, at least I got it done. Like, why couldn't you, I don't know, that really ticks me off sometimes. Like, no, I'm like, I know it was lighter than normal. You ding that. Yeah, I don't know.

Rachael Hutchins (50:50.637)


Rachael Hutchins (50:57.806)

There needs to be room for light.

Rachael Hutchins (51:03.19)

Well, like I'll do all of my pelvic floor exercises. It's not pelvic floor, but it's, it is pelvic floor, but there's what's been eyeopening to me is that my pelvic floor therapist is looking at my entire, the function of my entire body. So I'm doing like upper body exercises. I'm doing core exercises. I'm like, we're, I'm doing a whole bunch of different things besides just pelvic floor work. And so I'm focusing on just those exercises. Um, and that'll take me like.

Dr. Shannon (51:16.425)


Rachael Hutchins (51:32.642)

30 to 40 minutes, you know, and I'm like, that's, I don't have time to work out for five hours a day. So I'm like, that's my workout for the day, but my heart rate doesn't really get up with these exercises, you know? So, but I'm like, they matter and I'm feeling, yes.

Dr. Shannon (51:35.287)



Dr. Shannon (51:41.465)


Dr. Shannon (51:44.73)

but you're retraining those muscle patterns. So you have to retrain that to then get to the point where, okay, we could get the heart rate up and now we have these new motor patterns, you know? Mm-hmm.

Rachael Hutchins (51:54.678)

and they're working properly, right? So I have to go really slow, focus on my breath. Like I'm not good at going slow. I'm like 15 reps, get them done. And she's like, no, you need to be going so much slower. And so it takes me longer to do it. And I'm like, well, that's my workout for the day. And that is just where we're at because, you know, and my heart rate might get up to like a hundred, you know, like it's nothing crazy. So.

Dr. Shannon (52:01.543)


Dr. Shannon (52:06.218)


Dr. Shannon (52:18.104)


Rachael Hutchins (52:21.282)

But it's been nice. I've been on that pace for a few weeks because when I started pelvic floor therapy, I was continuing my workout regimen the same and I just wasn't getting a lot of benefit. So I had to change, I had to take out some of the exercises that were causing problems. So anyways, that's been an adjustment this summer, but I'm enjoying it.

Dr. Shannon (52:33.855)


Dr. Shannon (52:42.278)

That's good. Yeah, the downstream, the end result of that is gonna be really good, you know, and really getting those new patterns.

Rachael Hutchins (52:44.002)


Rachael Hutchins (52:48.434)

I'm hopeful. And then I'm going to see a sports medicine massage therapist next week to identify because I'm able to do a lot. I've like from some sort of past injury or weakness, my body is compensated. So like I'm able to do certain workouts, but it's figuring out what muscles are actually firing when I'm doing certain movements because

Dr. Shannon (53:09.019)


Dr. Shannon (53:16.381)


Rachael Hutchins (53:16.946)

I think we're going to find that I'm probably not using like my hamstring or my butt muscle on my right side. Yeah. And then I'm compensating with other muscles. So therefore it's, you know, you, this is your realm. I don't know all the language, but there's, there's a component in there that's muscular too. So I'm excited to kind of explore that to see what's working properly and what's not because something's probably not working properly. That's why I have chronic pain. I think.

Dr. Shannon (53:22.174)

glutes or something. Those low back muscles come and say, uh-huh. Yeah.

Dr. Shannon (53:36.398)


Dr. Shannon (53:44.776)

Uh, well yes, getting to the root of it though. That's good. It does an effort and energy, you know.

Rachael Hutchins (53:48.49)

Yeah, it takes time though.

Mm hmm. Yeah. So that's been the past six months. So that's been fun ish.

Dr. Shannon (53:59.994)

That's good. Yeah. I know. Well, yay. I love our life updates. And I'm excited for the podcast. I know.

Rachael Hutchins (54:08.15)

Yeah, there it is. Y'all, that is what is happening amidst us being able to still crank out some episodes for you. So that's a little bit of us and I'm excited to keep this going with you.

Dr. Shannon (54:16.246)

Yeah, fitting other things in.

Dr. Shannon (54:23.287)

Yep. We'll chat next time.

Rachael Hutchins (54:25.118)

All right, see ya.